Benefits and tips for sunshades - Parasol
A parasol is an essential summer shade tool that provides protection from the sun and the sun's rays, providing comfort and safety outdoors. Here are some of the benefits and tips for using a parasol:

  • Sun protection: A sunshade can effectively block direct UV rays, reducing the risk of sunburn and reducing the likelihood of sun-induced diseases such as skin cancer.
  • Cooling effect: The sunshade's blocking of direct sunlight reduces heat transfer, making the space under the shade relatively cooler and providing a cool shaded area.
  • Eye protection: The glare from the sun can be damaging to the eyes and using a parasol reduces eye irritation and reduces eye strain and discomfort.
  • Greater shade: The design of the cantilever umbrella allows the canopy to be hung on one side and therefore provides greater shade for seating areas, outdoor tables and chairs or balconies.
  • Flexible adjustment: cantilever umbrellas often have multiple tilt and swivel adjustment options, allowing the angle and direction of the canopy to be freely adjusted to the position of the sun and the angle of the light for optimum shade.
  • Efficient use of space: as the pole of the cantilever umbrella sits on one side and the canopy hangs from the top, no central pillar is required, allowing for better use of space when in use without taking up desk or seating space.


  • Choose the right size: the larger the diameter of the parasol, the greater the area of shade provided. Choose the right size for your needs and the occasion you are using it for.
  • Choose a UV protection coating: Some parasols have a UV protection coating that provides better protection against UV rays. When buying, choose a parasol with UV protection to provide better sun protection.
  • Secure fixing: for outdoor use, insert the parasol into the ground or use the stand to ensure that it is stable and not easily blown over by the wind. The stability of the cantilever umbrella is very important. Ensure that a sturdy support pole and base are selected and that the cantilever umbrella is correctly installed and secured to prevent it from tipping or swaying in windy or unstable conditions.
  • Angle adjustment: adjust the angle of tilt and direction of rotation of the cantilever umbrella according to the position of the sun and the angle of the light to ensure optimum shade. The angle can be adjusted at any time as required.
  • Folding and storage: The cantilever canopy can be folded and stored when not in use to save space and protect the cover. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the correct folding and storage of the cantilever umbrella.
  • Combine with sun protection measures: In addition to using a sunshade, you should also take care to combine it with other sun protection measures such as applying sunscreen, wearing sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats to protect your skin and eyes.


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